Cosmetic Injection Needles

Which needles are used in cosmetic injections?

Needles and syringes are the primary tools used in cosmetic nursing, which involves injecting various cosmetic injectables into the skin to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections. It is crucial to select the appropriate needle and syringe to ensure safety, accuracy, and effectiveness during these procedures.


There are several types of needles and syringes used in cosmetic nursing, each with unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most commonly used ones:

  1. Gauge: The gauge of the needle refers to its thickness. In cosmetic nursing, needles with gauges ranging from 25 to 32 are commonly used. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the needle, which means less discomfort for the patient during the injection process.
  2. Length: The length of the needle can range from 4mm to 13mm, depending on the type of injection and the area being treated. Shorter needles are often used for superficial injections, while longer needles are used for deeper injections.
  3. Luer-Lock Syringes: Luer-lock syringes are commonly used in cosmetic nursing as they offer a secure connection between the needle and syringe, which reduces the risk of the needle detaching during the injection process.
  4. Slip-tip Syringes: Slip-tip syringes are another type of syringe commonly used in cosmetic nursing. They have a smooth surface at the tip, which allows the needle to slip on and off easily, making them ideal for administering dermal fillers.


It is essential to note that selecting the appropriate needle and syringe for a particular injection is crucial to achieving optimal results. A mismatched needle and syringe can lead to poor injection outcomes, discomfort, and even bruising.


Examples of the needles & Syringes Used:


BD Insulin Syringes with Ultra-Fine II Needle 

0.3ml x 8mm x 31 Gauge

0.5ml x 8mm x 30 Gauge

1ml x 8mm x 30 Gauge

1ml x 12.7mm x 29 Gauge


BD Non Safety Needles

PrecisionGlide 18 Gauge x 1.5"

PrecisionGlide 25 Gauge x 1"

PrecisionGlide 30 Gauge x 1/2"


Fill Needles

BD Blunt Fill 18 Gauge x 1.5"


Sterile Syringes

BD 1ml Luer Lok Sterile Syringe

BD 1ml Slip Tip Sterile Syringe

BD 3ml Luer Lok Sterile Syringe

BD 10ml Luer Lok Sterile Syringe

BD 50ml Luer Lok Sterile Syringe